Weather: Rain

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You mist-ify
for you we’ve torrential love
you cloud
our minds with vapor
drops from
heaven above
Bits of you with friends float
ocean liners
surround land
till chunks of that
form islands
complete with
fruity drinks
and bands
You’re sometimes swift when you’re a river
but then again
you can be
You might bob about in a lake
with a
panoramic woody
You’re our life to drink
or filled with lives…
creatures we’ve seen
and not
You’re where sailors go
the ones who returned
and those forever sought
You float Huck’s raft
and bring God’s wrath
You swallowed the Egyptians
You’re there when we’re skating on thin ice
and there
when the thunder rolls
Rain, we celebrate you with a tidal wave
for the thrill
that fills
our souls
You make us happy
when you stay for a time
even more so
when you go