Thank You

Just before or after last Christmas I decided to be more consistent with my writing by resurrecting a WordPress blog that had been dormant for quite some time. I had recently received a lot of encouragement and it gave me the incentive to write more poetry. While putting together the new blog I noticed a […]

How Great Thou Art

Tonight, I was listening to Pandora background music as I began my post. I was about to write about another hymn when “How Great Thou Art” began to play. That led me to remember that George Beverly Shea passed away recently at the age of 104. For years his beautiful bass-baritone voice highlighted the Billy […]

Food Impostors

I’ve come to the conclusion after how many years has it been, that the stuff I’ve been ingesting with the very tiny print and the multi-syllabic words that read so scientific might not be so good for me. Sure there’re pretty pictures on the package smiling folks living the life, so I’m led to believe […]