Moment Harvest


Think of a day
as a moment harvest,
gathered nuggets of time
nourishing moments you pick from the field
of your day.
Gather them in a big cloth sack,
then spread them out when the sun goes down
put them on a scale
to see what they weigh.

Waking up next to your wife.
Quiet time with God.
A hot cup of coffee.
The sun coming up.
Time spent with men you respect.
Reading a good book.
A drive to work (bonus *with your daughter*)
A call from a friend thanking you for advice.
Playing with your dog.
Admiring your garden.
Dinner with your family.
Time to think and write.
Time to rest, recuperate,
and dream.

If I continue looking at all my days
as moments harvested
just like that,
I imagine the only thing
I’ll ever need
is a bigger and stronger
cloth sack.

6 thoughts on “Moment Harvest

  1. It is amazing how much that we have to be grateful for if we just pause and reflect. Thanks for the reminder Joel.
    You probably don’t know who I am, but I was childhood friends with Lori. Her family lived three houses down from us. Our families were very close friends for fifteen years, then “life” happened and we lost touch.

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog,Tammy. Yes, Lori has mentioned you many times. It sounds like that neighborhood was a fun place to live, and Lori has a lot of great memories. I’m often comforted by the knowledge that God is able to take the wonderful and difficult times we experience in life to transform us into what He desires us to be. I recently reprinted in this blog a song that Lori’s mom wrote.

      1. Yes, Marlene was quite a lady! She was so patient with me. I would show up at her door at six in the morning asking if Kerry could play. She was the kind of lady that would let me tag along with her kids, take us all to Doyle Park and let us play all day. I remember that Lori was always taking dance classes. Marlene had a wood deck in her back yard. She would get the neighborhood kids gathered, bring out a big bowl of chips and then the show would begin. Lori and her friend would put on a mighty good
        tap dancing show on the old deck. Lori had so many colorful costumes. So many fond memories!

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