These days you hear a lot of talk about
“living without limits.”
You’ll note the phrase in
motivational messages
by the score.
You can hear it in slogans
You can read it in banners.
But with all this living without limits
I find myself wondering,
just what is their unlimited for?

Unlimited is one of those words
that might mean more than you think.
It carries as much baggage as freedom.
Think about that when you’re on the brink.

Does the boy driving his first car
believe in unlimited speed?
Does the girl you call princess,
believe unlimited beauty is all she needs?

Is unlimited whatever you’re addicted to
enough to fill the hole?
…the empty place very close
to what might be your soul?

Unlimited love has been demonstrated
and it came at a cost.
Unlimited life has been purchased
and paid for on a cross.
Unlimited is so much more
than you might have been led to believe,
but trust me…
trust me, that’s a good thing.

© Joel Tipple

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