The Big Red Chair

Today I’m going to do something which I probably should have done at the outset of this little blog, that is explain why I’m writing it and what I hope to accomplish. What should you expect? I started it around Christmas and one of the things blog writers will often do is challenge ourselves to keep a certain schedule, i.e. once a week or even once a day. I’ve taken on the challenge of writing every day in 2013. I have several goals in mind besides just getting something published every 24 hours. First, I’d like it to mean something. As a Christian, I certainly make no bones about having a particular point of view. I believe there is a prescription for the pain we all inevitably go through, and that is through the healing power provided through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But Christians are in a continual state of change, like anyone. We deal with doubt and sickness and all the other challenges life throws at us, sometimes well, sometimes poorly. Through poetry, humor, and just my general outlook on life, I would like you to take this journey with me. Normally I’ll publish in the morning. Although a couple of times already I’ve looked back at something I put out earlier and wondered just what I was thinking, I’ll try to avoid having to edit myself too much after the fact.

Our family occasionally watches “The Graham Norton Show.” It’s a British talk show, along the lines of something like Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show.” I mention it because Norton features a bit at the end of each show called “The Big Red Chair.” Audience members are selected to sit in the chair and tell a personal story. While they’re telling the story, Norton has his hand on a lever and if the story isn’t entertaining, he pulls the lever, and the chair and its occupant are thrown backward. If the story is deemed engaging enough, the person actually gets to stand up and walk away.
I tell that story to illustrate what I believe is true for writers, as well. As the reader, you hold the power of the lever; At any point you may simply stop reading and, in a virtual sense anyway, I will find myself on the floor with my feet in the air; I guess that’s just the risk I’ll have to take. In the meantime, please be patient with me and stick around if you are so inclined.

See you tomorrow, Write Here.

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