Light and Life

Those familiar with forest ecology will tell you of the miracle of renewal that a forest experiences following a fire. Many plant species require fire to germinate and flourish. People whose communities have been devastated by earthquake or storm gather together, and neighbors who may have never communicated bond to demonstrate true unity in the face of loss. Whether a particular tragedy is suffered by one or many, the ripple effect touches us all, first with sorrow, then with hope. Hope brings light to places we would never expect the darkness to leave once it has spread its cloak.

Lord, when the walls close in on me
and I think that I’m alone
when all I feel is despair
help me remember the life you’ve designed
to emerge from the ashes
remind me of those who have gone before
with your Son’s example to guide them
what might seem so fragile a breath could break
through a wasteland of fear still passes
the hands that tightly hold a flame
that fades and flickers and gutters
will once more grasp hands of hope
leading the way through foreboding passes
never alone on the journey
never alone on the journey
never alone on the journey

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